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OVO Energy

We are OVO Energy. We launched in 2009 to make energy cheaper, greener and simpler. Since then they’ve welcomed over a million members, planted over a million trees and set our sights on helping save the planet, including offering 100% renewable energy as standard.

We are very Agile at OVO. We put people first and are always experimenting to continuously improve how we deliver value to our customers. We recently ran a hackathon and created three brilliant innovative solutions to start supporting our customers even more through this energy crisis. I hope you’ll hear more about those very soon. 

In addition to remote working we have vibrant offices in London, Bristol and (soon) Glasgow. Our aim is to build a diverse and inclusive movement: teams of brilliant people, with unique talents, skills, passions, and experiences. At the core are our three values; Find a better way, Do What’s Right and Build Something Great.

OVO are tackling some of the world’s most pressing problems by creating better energy systems for our planet and for everyone on it. It’s a big task - so they need the very best people to help them.  Find out more here.

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Public services must work for everyone. We’re looking for people from a diverse range of backgrounds to join us and help create change.

Create/Change is a GovTech consultancy working with policy & product teams on population level problems in domains like education, employment, social care and health. We also help the cultural and non-profit sectors innovate for social good.

We are a blend of permanent staff and a network of over 50 super-experienced practitioners. We’re expanding both our permanent team and our network: in particular we want to include more people who aren’t white, cisgender or able-bodied. 

We want to talk to:

  • Practitioners from diverse backgrounds who are interested in joining our network
  • People of all ages who are passionate about technology and user-centred design but need experience

Contact us at hello@createchange.io 

Community Groups

Aspiring Women Speakers

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The Aspiring Women Speakers is a small, free to join, community of women in the tech industry on a similar path to improving their public speaking skills. 

Our members are typically developers, tech leads, engineering managers and CTOs looking to build their presentation skills with a view to doing more internal or conference talks.

Lean Agile Edinburgh

Lean Agile Edinburgh Logo

Running since 2013, Lean Agile Edinburgh is a meetup group to discuss and share all things lean and agile. Meetups include talks, workshops, activities, lean-coffee, open-space sessions and networking.

Completely free, all are welcome.

The future of work in Scotland

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This community is focused on how the world of work continues to evolve. It covers a broad range of areas from modern leadership approaches, team dynamics and organisational design to ways of working, collaborative models, agile practices and how we communicate.

We encourage being open minded and proactive learning. We love to share knowledge and make new bodies of work accessible to audiences far and wide. We celebrate contribution and participation. We believe deeply in collaborative thinking, co-creation, ethical leadership, and diversity and inclusion.


We can create bespoke sponsorship packages for interested organisations. Alternatively, if you'd like to provide virtual swag, giveaways or other resources as a supporter, we'd love to hear from you.

Community Groups

A discount is available to meetup and user groups that help promote Lean Agile Exchange to their members. If you organise, or are a member of, a user group and would like more information please contact us.

You can view our previous sponsors


 EasyRetro - helps teams to improve with Fun Sprint Retrospectives. Participants at Lean Agile Exchange 2022 will have access to a Promo Code to get a 15% discount on any plan - check out our Library area during the event.

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Balsamiq - a quick and easy wireframing for everyone! Lean Agile Exchange 2022 participants will be able to access a 90-day extended trial promo code for Balsamiq Cloud - check out our Library during the event.

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